Instant Setup.
Don't wait hours for your VPN provider to manually setup your account! Sign up with and get access to your VPN within 5 minutes of completing your purchase.
No Logs.
Your VPNs are configured to store no logs. No one—no your ISP not—will be able to view log files to monitor your online activity. We keep your communications and web activity private and secure.
Strong Encryption.
Do you need best-in-class encryption for your communications? Prevent hackers and other agents from sniffing your communications and deciphering their content. Our OpenVPN server comes configured by default to run high strength AES-256 CBC encrpytion. AES-256 CBC comes recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Evade Firewalls and Filters.
Do you live in a country where controversial websites are blocked? Does your organization Internet prevent access to YouTube or other entertainment websites? A VPN with us will enable you to re-gain access to all of the websites on the Internet.
Watch Blocked TV.
Do you need an American IP address to watch your favorite TV show or access content only available in the United States? Not a problem. Our VPNs give you an American IP address which enables you access content that is normally only available for users located inside the United States.
Works with PCs, Macs, Smartphones, etc.
Our VPNs work with PCs, Macs, smartphones and much more. Our technical support technicians will be happy to help you get your device configured to your VPN.
Dedicated Static IP Address.
Unlike many VPN providers, we provide you with a dedicated static IP address. You do not share your IP address with any other user. This ensures that no other user can take your IP address, abuse it and potentially lead to a blacklisting. Your IP belongs to you and no one else. You can also change your IP address at anytime by submitting a request with our technical support department.
Full Root Access, Completely Customizable.
Unlike the other major VPN providers, advanced users can take advantage of full root access to the server hosting their VPNs. Advanced users can re-configure their VPN, add multiple users or even start up a new VPN instance. You are free to use your server in any manner you choose—as long as you comply with our terms of service (i.e., no spam, no hacking, no currency mining, etc).
Unlimited Users.
Want to share your VPN with friends or family? Not a problem! If you are an advanced user who is capable of configuring OpenVPN or a PPTP VPN, you can use your root SSH access to add new users to your VPN.